• Facilitating real estate and site selection
  • Determining when best to outsource to vendors
  • Maximizing marketing penetration and territory balance
  • Acquiring personnel talent

Marketing Skills Depth

Partner with Three20 Capital Group

Three20 Capital Group offers companies compelling reasons and experience to partner. Here is a sampling or our areas of skill set and expertise:

  • Implementing best practices regarding building revenue
  • Developing a sales team
  • Increasing incoming sales leads
  • Tracking metrics to measure sales effectiveness 

Legal/Administration Awareness

Operational Expertise

Technology Capabilities

  • Upgrading lead generation processes ( including: lead flow, franchise development CRM, increased prospect engagement and franchisee validation)
  • Facilitating broker network relationships for introductions and participation
  • Instituting sales team training and development
  • Offering ‚Äčinternational expansion familiarity

Increasing Franchise Awards

Capabilities & Experience

Building Top Line Revenue

  • Managing call center (inbound and outbound calls)
  • Facilitating fast ramp up of new locations
  • Developing KPIs and profit targets
  • Referring strategic vendor relationships
  • Redesigning websites (maximizing: optimization, Pay Per Click, social media, metrics and conversion tracking)
  • Branding and PR insights
  • Facilitating local marketing tactics (improving cost/customer efficiencies)
  • Creating National marketing tactics
  • Implementing National Advertising Funds
  • Introducing companies to vast vendor relationships
  • Transitioning to operational CRM software (route based and software management)
  • Instituting Point of Sale software systems
  • Implementing franchisor back-end systems